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Monthly Archives: June 2009

It has been a good run, this particular blogging experience. I have done my best to keep everyone updated on where I go, and who I meet, and what it is like, and so forth, to the utmost of my ability. I do this both to keep a sense of what happened here for myself, later in life, as well as to provide a sense of what happens here on the ground, without the biases (on both sides) of the terrible mainstream media. I only sought to describe what I personally have witnessed, as I understood it. I hope it was enjoyable thus far.

At this point in time, however, I have run out of something very important. Specifically, I can no longer post photographs for free to this blog, as I have reached the limit.

Take heart!! Dear friends and readers, I come bearing good news of great joy. I give unto you a link: it shall be called Exploratorius Palestine, and it shall chronicle the rest of my adventures here in this land, up until the point in time when I go home. Thank you for reading thus far, and I hope you enjoy my semester in Jerusalem Part II.

This Holy Land place gets on the brain, sometimes.