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What is “Exploratorius,” anyways?

After realizing that keeping a blog for my study abroad experience appealed to me, I realized I had to pick a name that would be a good fit, and would imply the correct meanings to my readers. “Exploratorius” struck me as a good choice, because it is Latin for “an explorer,” and it also struck me that it would allow me to expand my blogging to cover my other experiences in traveling around the world. It implicitly implies a sense of wanderlust, which I definitely possess, and that implication is strengthened through the use of “A Jaunt Around the World” as the subtitle for each specific blog.

Go back to the main page and click the “More Exploratorius” button at the top to see links to some of the other blogs.

What is this “Jaunt into Israel” referring to?

Studying abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2009, I am using this original Exploratorius blog to keep track of my experiences, thoughts, and reactions to my time here. Your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Copyleft Information

Creative Commons License
A Jaunt Around the World – Israel by Michael A Repas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Please do abide by this copyright information; you are more than welcome to copy portions of what you find here, as long as you give me proper credit and do so without making a profit. I would also appreciate it if you would comment on any photographs or posts which you would like to make use of.

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  1. Hi Michael! I am so enjoying your blog. We loved Israel but since it was a tour did not experience the intimacy of the country. Your ability to story tell makes me want to return.


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