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Category Archives: Predeparture

The above are the first couple of photos I took with the new camera I was lucky enough to pick up from near my house earlier today.  It was the only one I could find at any store within 100 miles of my house, and it was so worth the hours spent reading a variety of reviews and then 2 hours of online searching and shop-calling, but I found it and bought it.  A good price, and a great piece of equipment, I look forward to taking pictures across Israel (and in all probability, the countries around it as well).  For those interested, here’s a link to the camera itself:

Only 4 days until departure… this series of flights will be interesting


Hello everyone:

I set this up as a way for me to share the best of the photographs I end up taking while abroad in Israel this spring,as well as text updates of life at Hebrew University.  Please, feel free to leave comments

And, since people are probably curious:

‘exploratorius’ – of or belonging to searching out, exploratory (as drawn from here)

I depart in 7 days; here’s hoping the journey goes well.