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At the end of the week when I visited Nablus and so forth (the preceding 3 posts here), I attended the second talk put on by the Honor’s Program here. One of the professors in Rothberg is a psychologist who focuses on creativity as one of her primary teaching topics, and thus she was the ideal candidate for a presentation for us, given our Program’s theme of creativity for the semester.

As it turns out, much of what she taught us I had previously learned in two courses at AU: “Psychology as Science,” and “Language and the Human Experience.” Therefore, the lecture part of the event was less intriguing to me, but the papers she handed out were fascinating. The best of the papers she handed out had multiple sets of three words, and we had to come up with a fourth. As drawn directly from the sheet’s instructions and contents, have a look at what I mean:

Directions: Find a fourth word that is related to all three words listed below. For example, what word is related to “cookies, sixteen, heart?” The answer is “sweet.” Cookies are sweet; sweet is part of the word “sweetheart” and the phrase “sweet sixteen.”

Do this in 10 minutes.

1) surprise, line, birthday
2) base, snow, dance
3) rat, blue, cottage
4) nap, rig, call
5) golf, foot, country
6) house, weary, ape
7) tiger, plate, news
8 ) painting, bowl, nail
9) proof, sea, priest
10) maple, beef, loaf
11) oak, show, plan
12) light, village, golf
13) merry, out, up
14) cheese, courage, oven
15) red, star, house

And, now a short poll so there is a space between questions and answers:

1) party
2) ball
3) cheese
4) cat
5) club
6) dog
7) paper
8 ) finger
9) high
10) sugar
11) floor
12) green
13) make
14) Dutch
15) light


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