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As the procession I was a part of stepped aside, they let one of the many Palestinian Scout processions of the day go through, playing their bagpipes and drums all the way through. The interesting part of the Palestinian Scouts is that their uniforms are determined by their individual religious background – the Christian Orthodox are light blue uniforms, the Catholics wear the khaki, and I believe the Protestants are the dark green (not sure about that one, though). In any event, they assemble every Easter by troops and get into their dress uniforms for processions through the streets. I am told by Scott that there was an outstanding Good Friday procession as well (check out his video here). They have bagpipes and drum corps, which is not necessarily the instrument set I would have expected, but nonetheless I enjoyed them every time I ran into them.

In any event, the Catholic Palestinian Scouts processed through the procession, which had ceased processing for that moment (I must be honest; I had a huge grin on my face as I wrote the preceding), playing their usual music all the way through. They were all very good, and it was nice to see that they treat all Scouts equally, regardless of age. The oldest played consistently, and the youngest were just along to be in the parade, but the mid-aged Scouts had drums and bagpipes of their own, which they were able to play something like once every 5 songs to give them confidence-building practice with the real thing. Good stuff. I am also pursuing the opportunity for me to do work with the Palestinian Scouts, which I think would be fascinating. I hope to be able to post to that effect in the near future. In any case, go to the next post to read more about the day.

The first of two videos of some of the Palestinian Scouts in action:

and the second clip:

A whole bunch of photographs, taken from in front of, behind, within, next to, and diagonally across from the processions:


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