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So although I have described Mahane Yehouda (the Israeli shuk) in several posts, I wanted to go and try to capture the essence of it with my camera, so the attached represent the results of my labors.

It is the size of a small city block, and consists mostly of small store fronts with people who come in every day and set up a wonderful array of foods, drinks, and other products at a pretty good price (as my later post about the Palestinian shuk will discuss, their prices are much better on many items, but they have a different selection of goods available for purchase). It is a maze at times, with corridors of fish shops attaching the main corridors of the market (where one can buy dried fruit, pastries of every dimension, and a variety of other things for sale).

As the few photographs which turned out well show (it is hard to take good photographs when one is jostled by the hustle and bustle of an open-air marketplace), it is possible to find every sort of person in the Israeli shuk, from the ultra-Orthodox to the American, Swiss, French, etc tourists, to the secular Israeli; all of them are there, and arguing loudly with the shopkeeps over just how much this kippa is worth, or exactly the right price for that half-kilo of dates (tamar in Hebrew, and it is also a girl’s name as it turns out). A fun place.

There is to be a corresponding post about the Palestinian shuk as well, in a few weeks; keep your eyes open.


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