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After spending some time enjoying the view from the top of Mount Carmel, and looking around the Carmelite Monastery, we drove over to the top of the mountain to the top entrance of the Baha’i Gardens. The Baha’i religion is a relative newcomer in the world, and at this point it has several million members around the world. Amongst their most holy sites is the aforementioned Gardens, and they are truly a sight to behold.

Consecutive tiered gardens adorn the side of Mount Carmel, from the streets of the German Colony at the base, all the way to the King Louis Promenade at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the Gardens operate similarly to many other religious locations around the world; one can only get in at certain times if they are not a pilgrim of the religion at hand, and therefore we were unable to get into the Gardens other than the top tier, from which my photographs were taken. Those photos speak well for themselves, so enjoy!


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