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Having spent a few hours alternately waiting and then meeting with HU academic leadership, I am happy to report that not only has my schedule been finalized; it is done in such a way that I thoroughly enjoy all of my classes. As I reported before, the Archeology course wasn’t all it could have been; having tried the Maimonides course, I am sorry to say that it didn’t hold up to its reputation either. Instead, I somehow managed to successfully set up an independent study after the deadline. Now, don’t worry: this one will be capped at far, FAR fewer pages than the 127 of my last independent study paper, but I am nonetheless very excited. The short version is that I will be exploring and comparing the very early Christian groups with a modern-day philosophy drawn from computer science… I know it sounds unorthodox, but I will post brief updates as it takes shape. It makes sense to me, and I have already done a bunch of reading/consideration, so hopefully it will make sense to others as well.

And, as the ecstatic title of this blog post proclaims, my camera is not only here, but works great!!! I am quite excited to take photographs and fiddle with the shutter speed, aperture settings, etc, and I hope it shows in the shots you’ll see. As with my written posts, I welcome your comments on any and all photographs posted on my blog.

As I always seem to do, I made the effort to go spend about 40 minutes wandering around a nearby cemetery in order to get shots of it as well as get used to a camera. The attached photo gallery represents 4 things: 1) the first batch of photos taken with my new camera; 2) a beautifully well-kept cemetery of the British Empire from the first World War; 3) a couple of photographs of my lovely Reznik room; and 4) my roommate Zack and I.


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