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Darom, Israel.

As can be seen here:,35.314366&sspn=1.940167,3.537598&ie=UTF8&ll=32.361403,35.238647&spn=1.93947,3.537598&z=8

Darom, Israel is a mere 197 kilometers away from my dorm room…. Another interesting fact about Darom is that the Fedex facility where my replacement credit card was routed through is still the card’s resting place. I was told that the mailing address wasn’t valid, so they can’t deliver the card to me (it has been sitting there since the 22nd of January, as a matter of fact). The only reason I found all of this out is because I spent 35 minutes on the phone with Visa.

Similarly, I received a call from El Al two nights ago telling me that “we seem to be unable to find your camera or hard drive.” Outstanding. At this point, I see no reason in providing additional updates through the medium of this blog about my stolen possessions: suffice to say that I strongly, STRONGLY advise everyone against flying with the El Al Airlines of Israel to any destination.

I have decided, then, that anything and everything that belongs to me cannot EVER get anywhere NEAR either the international mailing system, nor the internal “mailing system” of any airlines. My stuff is just really well spiced or something, because both of those methods of delivery consume my packages with no recourse.

I shudder to think about those poor, helpless postcards I sent out yesterday afternoon… 😦


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