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With the laptop problem apparently fixed, I am back and ready to fill in some more detail.

I arrived at the campus and eventually moved into Reznik building 12, where my room is. The door looked like it had been forced or broken at some point, as the handle was hanging out of the socket – the university fixed it fairly quickly, and I was moved in. Eventually I will post some photos, but needless to say it is a fairly standard dorm room (although it did have a sink in it, which is surprisingly nice to have).

I did a bunch of running around and seeing parts of the campus, as well as doing the registration work and so forth. I picked up my Israeli cell phone, and started to become exhausted around 3pm local time (having not slept on the plane at all, I had been awake for a significant number of hours by that point). I wanted to go on a couple of the tours they had to offer, but eventually couldn’t stay awake any longer – I slept from like 5pm until 3:30 the next morning.

Waking up, I finished all of the paperwork and so forth, and then went out to eat for the first time in more than 24 hours. I went to the nearest option, which was called Aroma – its the Israeli equivalent to Starbucks is the best way to describe it, but they serve very different foods. For around US$10, I got the traditional Israeli breakfast salad (lettuce, diced tomatoes and green peppers), cheery tomatoes and olives on the side, eggs, bread, cream cheese, and what I think was goat milk cheese. To drink, I had what ended up being really good – freshed squeezed carrot + apple juice. It sounds gross, it doesn’t look great, but I absolutely love it.

At the Aroma, I met another abroad student named Zev and we decided to walk around the campus – both literally around it and then throughout its labyrinth interior layout. As we are on Mt. Scopus, connected to us and quite close is the Mt. of Olives, which has a few buildings on it but is mostly sparse (as we could see from the campus). Also, as we got higher upon Mt Scopus, we could see the whole of the Old City and most of the rest of Jerusalem, which is an impressive sight indeed. The campus has a variety of different buildings and offices and the like, but it is not clearly laid out and in many cases you have to walk around or sometimes even through some buildings to get to others.

We went over to the Student Village (the newer dorms where the vast majority of international students are housed, and where I was supposed to live) for a free lunch of bagels with lox or tuna, and vegetables. I met some other people there, and then decided to head over to an Israeli supermarket to both see what they do differently as well as pick some stuff up. It is run mostly the same, although it is very noticeable that while American brands (409 cleaner for example) are available, they are also comparatively extremely expensive next to comparable local products.

In the afternoon and evening, I attended the mandatory orientation session, which was somewhat informative, and then went on the shopping tour to a someone-distant shopping mall (they chartered a bus, making it much easier for the students to not only get there but also return with their new belongings). I got a bunch of stuff, and returned back to Reznik to sleep (this time until 6 am, which is closer to a normal schedule).

Also, the ‘About’ section of this blog now has some copyright information (in the event that anyone wants to republish any of the text or photographs in this blog for other works). Check it out:



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